Guy Mendilow Ensemble's

Tales From the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed

Live at Shalin Liu Performance Center

(released October 2012 on Earthen Groove Records)

CD/DVD $25 (plus shipping)

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Get ready for an emotionally powerful, artistic voyage awash with warm harmonies, intricate textures and spellbinding rhythms. Starting in ancient Spain and winding through Sarajevo, Salonica and Jerusalem, the award winning Guy Mendilow Ensemble recasts traditional Sephardi songs and legends, sung in the endangered Judeo-Spanish language, Ladino. Epic tales of sailors and love lost to the seas, fantastic dreams and the intrigue of kings and queens come to life in arrangements that crackle with rich musical storytelling. Step into a new world of Ladino song, alive with adventure and humour and grit.

About This CD/DVD

Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed awakens audiences to traditional Ladino songs through evocative arrangements interwoven with poetic narration and often poignant historical vignettes.

This CD/DVD contains musical selections from the show, recorded at the Shalin Liu Performance Center November 11, 2011.

Cover photo by Neville Jones

1.       Mancevo Del Dor (Modern Man) (3:06)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow

2.       La Reina Xerifa Mora (The Queen & Her Slave) (5:21)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow / Andy Bergman

3.       Una Noche Al Borde De La Mar (One Night by the Sea) (5:49)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow

4.       Adiyo Querida (Goodbye, My Love) (6:46)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow  / Jeremy Wilmer

5.       Cuando Veo Hija Ermoza (When I See a Beautiful Maiden)* (6:29)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: 
Zura Dzagnidze / Guy Mendilow

6.       A La Nana / Levantóse El Conde Niño  (For Grandmother / The Young Count Arose) (5:51)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Tomoko Omura

7.       Esta Montaña D'Enfrente (The Mountain Ahead Burns) (3:15)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow

8.       La Serena (The Siren) (5:01)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow

9.       Story’s a Story (1:09)
Guy Mendilow

10.    Cocek* (5:31)
Traditional; Arrangement: Andy Bergman / Guy Mendilow

11.   Morenica (The Dark Beauty)* (4:17)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow

12.   Por Que Llorax Blanca Niña(Why Weep, Fair One?) (4:25)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow

13.    La Reina Xerifa Mora — PBS Edit (The Queen & Her Slave— PBS Edit)*  (3:34)
Traditional Sephardi; Arrangement: Guy Mendilow / Andy Bergman

*Bonus Track

About The Arrangements

An Entirely Too Brief Overview of Ladino Song


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