Guy Mendilow: Live

(Released May 2006 on Earthen Groove Records)

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"This is, to folk, what Bela Fleck is to Foggy Mountain Breakdown. This is unusual and exciting."
-Philadelphia Folk Song Society

"The perfect welcome packet to the world of Mendilow: gorgeous, enchanting sound and technically rich music wrapped up in a fun, playful atmosphere."
-Bay Windows

"Catchy licks that almost instantly have listeners moving along to the groove…the glory of what [Mendilow] does is finding a common ground among different cultures. And that's what makes his music so exciting."
-Jewish Advocate

"…an emerging master of overtone singing…as compelling as it is diverse…the audience he is reaching is hearing him loud and clear."
- Metrowest Daily News Front Page, Arts &Culture Section

All live tracks, recorded April-December 2004 in shows in NJ, PA and MA.


  • Awendeje
    By: Guy Mendilow

  • Experiment
    By Guy Mendilow
    -Winner - World Music Song Contest - Global Rhythm Magazine 
  • Words: Nachman of Breslov, Music: B. Chait, Arr. G. Mendilow
    (Guy: Guitar, Vocals; Rajdulari: Vocals; Andy Bergman: Sax)
  • Durme Durme
    Trad. Ladino, Arr. G. Mendilow
  • Hine Ma Tov
    Trad. Herbrew, Arr. G. Mendilow
  • Walking at Night
    A ballad with the words of Wendell Berry set to the music of Malcolm Dalglish
  • A Love Song for the Sea (Zemer Ahava la Yam)
    By: R. Eliaz and S. Argov, Arr. G. Mendilow
  • La Avot Sheli
    Arr. G. Mendilow based on a traditional Ghanian melody learned from Malidoma Some.
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