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(PRESENTING ORGANIZATION) proudly presents Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed, the newest touring show from the award-winning Guy Mendilow Ensemble. The performance celebrates the release of the group's fifth release.
The performance takes place on (
DATE) at (TIME) at (VENUE) located at (ADDRESS), in (CITY, STATE). Tickets are (TICKET INFO) and available at (TICKET INFO).
More info at and (VENUE WEBSITE.)  

Embark on a musical trek to kingdoms long forgotten and bustling towns now vanished. Follow the stories of vagabond queens, pauper poets and lovers lost to the sea, all set to spellbinding arrangements of old Sephardi songs worthy of symphonic film scores. Wrap these tales up with lush soulful harmonies evoking Flamenco's gutsiness and the longings of Fado, all combined with heart-pounding percussion and intricate soundscapes.

Journey through the Balkans to the Mid-East beginning in Sarajevo and winding through Salonica and Jerusalem. Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom is a sonic adventure masterfully brought to life by the Guy Mendilow Ensemble, an award-winning sextet of world-class musicians with members hailing from Israel, Palestine, Argentina, Japan, the UK and the USA. This ensemble of internationally savvy world musicians delivers a richly textured global experience of haunting beauty.

The (DATE) concert is part of the 2014 Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom tour, celebrating the Guy Mendilow Ensemble’s newest release.

The Guy Mendilow Ensemble is an award winning sextet comprised of world-class musicians representing a variety of national backgrounds: the USA, Israel, Palestine, Japan and the UK. Formed in 2004, the Ensemble has been enthusiastically received in venues ranging from world and traditional music festivals to performing arts centers, progressive Jewish organizations and universities.

Alongside touring with the Guy Mendilow Ensemble, members are on the faculty of leading music schools like the New England Conservatory and Boston’s Berklee School of Music and tour/record with the likes of Bobby McFerrin, Yo Yo Ma, the Assad Brothers, Christian McBride and Simon Shaheen. The Ensemble is currently based in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY.

Guy Mendilow is on the vanguard of a new wave sparking a resurgence of traditional Sephardi songs from the Jewish communities expelled from Spain in 1492 and that settled across the Ottoman Empire. Composer, researcher and seasoned performer at home on world-class stages since early childhood, Mendilow’s gift is in connecting audiences from many cultures and languages with the captivating magic of Ladino songs. Indeed, Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom cuts across background and generational barriers and is specifically geared for audiences regardless of prior knowledge of Ladino music and culture. “These songs and stories just sweep you away, whatever your heritage” Mendilow says.  

“It's a folk music of hope and affirmation, sophisticated in its delivery
but easily accessible to listeners anywhere.” —Chicago Tribune

Though some of the lyrics pre-date 1492, the music itself is primarily from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This is because these songs are a true folk music, preserved aurally and not written until recently (when dealing with Ladino music, the 1800’s are recent). “We’re fairly certain that some of these songs were sung hundreds of years ago,” says Mendilow. “But we have little idea as to the melodies, rhythms and ornamentations used back then, and with a long history of adapting to homes across borders and languages we can hardly even guess.” One thing is for certain: many of these songs were sung by women, unaccompanied except perhaps for a drum.

“That’s largely because women’s hands were so busy with other things while they sang,” laughs Mendilow. “Like so many household chores, or caring for children.”  Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom begins with thorough research but deliberately departs from traditional interpretations, choosing instead to draw on the ensemble's expertise and on a 21st century global aesthetic to make the stories come to life in ways that will resonate with modern audiences.

That's a daring recasting, and Mendilow knows it well. "There’s a greater responsibility when we work with music that is so old and rich," he adds. "We must be careful to know and respect the tradition, even as we use a modern musical tool box to bring these songs to life in a way that will capture the imaginations and hearts of listeners today."

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this world-class performance on (DATE) at (VENUE)

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