Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom

Project Overview

Performance Footage

Full Songs Filmed Live at Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport MA USA

Mancevo Del Dor
An up-tempo, playful song...a stern warning to hipsters everywhere!


Hermanas Reina Y Cautiva 
(Sisters Queen & Captive)

How does one of the social elite come to the conclusion that it is better to give up a kingdom, becoming a willing fugitive alongside a captive servant? 


A La Nana / Levantóse El Conde Niño
(For Grandmother / The Young Count Arose)

A raucously upbeat (and rather gruesome) tale preceded by a prayer for the safe keeping of children.

Por Que Llorax Blanca Niña? 
(Why Weep, Fair One?)

From Sarajevo, a haunted song of love and betrayal.

Live Audio


Esta Montaña D'enfrente (The Mountain Ahead Burns)

A fiery start to the show



Morenica (Dark One)

Not your normal wedding song...mostly because the bride sails off with sailors at the end



O Mis Hermanos  (O My Brothers)
(story & song)  

Homage to the Greek communities destroyed and often forgotten in W.W.II.

Theatrical narration is a part of Tales, in which music and story flow together seemlessly. Here you can listen to some of this narration which goes right into the song.
(If you'd like to go straight to the song, just skip ahead to 1:52)




Driving dance rhythms (another side of the Ensemble)

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