Live Audio

Morenica (Dark One)

Not your normal wedding song...mostly because the bride sails off with sailors at the end



 O Mis Hermanos  (O My Brothers)
(story & song) 

Homeage to the Greek communities shattered in W.W.II.




Driving dance rhythms (another side of the Ensemble)


Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom: Ladino Songs Renewed

Project Overview

Micro documentary video about Tales from the Forgotten Kingdom

Performance Footage

Full Songs Filmed Live at Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport MA USA

Mancevo Del Dor
An up-tempo, playful Sephardi cantica about the dangers of social vanity

Una Noche Al Borde De La Mar
Sephardi cantica from mid 1800s. The crackly transmission from a ship heading far out to sea, and a sailor’s self-exile.

La Reina Xerifa Mora (Full Version)
Sephardi romanza about false identity, a queen, a captive slave and their daring escape together. The legend predates 1492.

A La Nana / Levantose El Conde Niño
A prayer for the safe keeping of children ending with a raucously upbeat (and rather gruesome) romanza

Por Que Llorax Blanca Niña?
A haunting tale on the shores of a sea, long ago.

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