Workshops for Children

(Ages 4-12)


Move the Music!

Length: 30-45 minutes

Ages: 4 - 12 year old in age appropriate groups
Single workshop or multi-day residency • Best suited for a maximum group of 15

Move the Music! is a cross-cultural program that gives children music-making tools:

  • Through games that get participants singing, galloping, speaking, laughing and playing instruments from drums to recycled junk percussion.
  • Through kinesthetic games where children improvise movement responses to the music and learn how musical concepts feel in their own bodies.


  • Is always fresh because all music is improvised live, in the classroom.
  • Gives children the unique experience of having the music follow their movement as well as exploring how they can feel the music in their bodies.
  • Nurtures creative problem solving, self-expression, and leadership skill
  • Is based on the widely recognized Dalcroze Eurhythmics approach, in which Guy holds international certification as well a Masters degree.
  • Residencies for older children often culminate in participant-produced CDs or songwriting for musical plays. Ask us for samples of previous works! 

Around the World in Song

Length: 30-60 minutes

Ages: 5 - 12 year old in age appropriate groups
Single workshop or multi-day residency • 
suitable for groups of any size • Teacher Resource Materials Available

In this workshop:

  • Children meet some of the most important members of the band: the instruments themselves, such as the berimbau, the munnharpa (jaw harp), the Peruvian cajon (box drum) and overtone singing, 
  • Fun stories, exciting rhythm games and joyous sing-alongs, in up to six languages, introduce children to music from around the world. 

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