Around the World in Song: A Celebration of Song for Children & Familieis

Artist Statement

"Only our best is just good enough for children." 
—Zoltán Kodály 

That's a sentiment I take to heart because I know that children's early music experiences shape the rest of their musical lives. It’s a responsibility — and a privilege — to give the very best to children. Drawing on my experience as a music educator, teacher trainer and father of a bright-eyed little boy, I strive to create the most engaging, interactive and educationally sound concerts for young audiences. 
— Guy Mendilow

Concert Description

"Buoyant, life-affirming, sweetly acoustic…a folk music of hope and affirmation." - Chicago Tribune

"Guy Mendilow is an international tour de force." - Bethlehem Morning Call

Everyone becomes part of the music-making in the Guy Mendilow Ensemble's family concerts! Through colorful songs, stories and games, the Guy Mendilow Ensemble transports families on an exhilarating interactive adventure. In joyous songs from the band's homelands families meet colourful characters - from magical fiddlers to ancient fables of queens and kings - and some of the band's most fascinating "members:" instruments like overtone singing, the munnharpa (jaw harp) and Peruvian cajon (box drum).


"From the moment they began, the children were mesmorized. Guy Mendilow is not only a talented musician, but a gifted educator as well. He could read the group perfectly and knew exactly what the students needed next. The other musicians in the group were equally talented and the whole group together was one of the best performances I have experienced in over 26 years of education." - Tina Monroe, Principal, Indian Creek Elementary School, Cedar Rapids IA

"Guy has the ability to make an impact… he brings awe and excitement to the children…. I've had the pleasure of seeing Guy perform and like the children, have been inspired and intrigued by what he has to share both musically and culturally."

Mary Schofield, Bright Horizons Family Solutions World Headquarters, Watertown MA

"There's nothing that engages kids as much as showing your interest in them: that doesn't happen as a general rule. Guy's commitment grows out of a deep respect for the abilities, potential, and rights of kids" Montessori Corner, Plainsboro NJ

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